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Free Fire Max

Free Fire MAX: Unlock the Floral Tribute Parachute Skin in ‘Easier With Friends’ Event

Free Fire MAX regularly offers a plethora of events and rewards. The newest addition to this engaging tapestry is the 'Easier With Friends' event...

Free Fire MAX Casual Mode Calendar for July and August Released

Garena, the mastermind behind Free Fire MAX, is constantly innovating to elevate the gaming experience for its players. In a bid to break the...

How to Get the T.R.A.P. Chromawave Gloo Wall Skin in Free Fire MAX

In a bid to keep players engrossed and add variety to the routine Battle Royale and Clash Squad modes of Free Fire MAX, Garena...

How to Get Free Spider-Verse Moony pet skin in Free Fire MAX

Are you ready to unleash the power of the Spider-Verse in Free Fire MAX? Garena has introduced an exciting event in collaboration with Spider-Man:...

Free Fire Max redeem codes for May 10, 2023

Are you looking to level up your Garena Free Fire Max game? Redeem codes are your ticket to winning exciting in-game items like skins,...

How to get free Room Card in Free Fire MAX this week

Check out how you can get a free Room Card in Free Fire MAX as soon as possible.

How to download and play Garena Free Fire on PC in 2023

Here is how you can download the latest Garena Free Fire application on PC in 2023.

How to get free Rocker Stud Bundle in Free Fire MAX

Follow this simple guide to earn Rocker Stud Bundle for free in Free Fire MAX.

Free Fire Redeem Code for Today 18th December: Get free Gloo Wall skin

Use the Free Fire redeem code given below to get a free gloo wall skin in the MAX version.

Free Fire MAX Winterlands Top Up: Get Mythic Crazy Guitar Emote

Free Fire MAX has launched a new event called Winterlands Top up and here is how you can get Mythic Crazy Guitar emote from it.

How to get Free Pet and Skin in Free Fire MAX

Here is how you can get a free pet and its skin in Free Fire MAX by an in-game event.

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