CSGO: KRIMZ sidelined following a hand injury

Veteran CSGO player Freddy Johanson aka KRIMZ has been sidelined from Fnatic for an indefinite period of time following a hand injury.

Fnatic revamped their roster before the Major which saw him bring in players from different regions, something that the Swedish organization is not known for. The new roster seemed to be working for them given their impressive display of form in the Rio Major, however, the roster will have to go into the new year with a stand-in that will likely see a break of momentum for the otherwise improving lineup.

Losing KRIMZ will be a big blow for Fnatic as the veteran rifler brought experience as well as firepower to the Internation roster. Following the revamp, Fnatic let go of some of the big names but retained him despite his age, which speaks to his importance as the new roster has been largely built around him as the core.

In a video uploaded on Twitter, KRIMZ revealed the situation.

“I have a hand injury, which I’ve had since two days after the RMR qualification,” KRIMZ said. “Before this Major, I didn’t practice or anything with the team sadly, but it was my own choice to keep on playing at the Major. “It’s basically a nerve in the middle of the hand, it’s getting pinched by the muscle, so the muscle doesn’t repair itself,” “I might see you next year. I hope everything goes ok with the rehab of the hand, thank you for the support.” he added.

He also revealed that the man taking his place will be none other than Fnatic Rising youngster Peppe ‘Peppzor’ Borak. The 20-year-old rifler already has some experience under his belt which came from his brief stints with the serious roster twice before, so it can be argued that he would fit right in without much effort.

Fnatic’s upcoming match is against Bulgarian side 500 in the Elisa Masters Espoo on the 17th of November 2022. They will be playing with Peppzor in said event and all the coming ones heading into 2023 as long as KRIMZ is fit to compete again for which we do not have a confirmed timeline.

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