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NYPD Seeks Help Looking For Suspects of Kai Cenat Giveaway Riot

New York City Police Department is looking for help in locating the elements involved in the incident at Union Square in New York City on August 4th Kai Cenat and his companions were conducting a live, real-world streaming session when things took an unexpected turn.

A commotion quickly developed, and people in the downtown area started causing a Riot among the gathering crowd to which the mayor of the city proposed the idea that outside forces might have aided in the situation’s escalation and the NYPD was tasked with finding said suspects for which they seek help.

“We’re looking at all possibilities. We’re looking at every investigative lead. But as I said, it was dangerous, whether outside agitators or young people, it was a dangerous situation,” said the Chief.

“It was not the place to bring that sort of activity. Our young people deserve to come out in the summertime, see the people they admire and have a good time. It should never, ever reach that level, the level that it did on Friday.”

Kai was arrested soon after the incident but the police let him go after a while. It is safe to assume that once the police are done combing through the CCTV footage, they will apprehend the instigators of the Riot and only then will Kai make a comeback. The case is far from its conclusion at the time of writing so only time will tell how it pans out.

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