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Free Fire MAX: Unlock the Floral Tribute Parachute Skin in ‘Easier With Friends’ Event

Free Fire MAX regularly offers a plethora of events and rewards. The newest addition to this engaging tapestry is the ‘Easier With Friends’ event – a gateway to obtain the Floral Tribute Parachute skin. Serving as an integral component of the Team Up Challenge, this event offers players the chance to showcase their skills while amassing remarkable rewards. 

The Easier With Friends event was launched on 3rd August, and  is scheduled to continue until 7th August. This limited-time event challenges players to complete specific tasks that ultimately lead to the acquisition of the exquisite Floral Tribute Parachute skin. Whether it’s clocking in gaming hours or forming teams with friends, there are pathways for every player to embrace the thrill and reap the rewards.

Step-by-Step Guide: Claiming the Floral Tribute Parachute Skin

Follow the below given steps to claim the Floral Tribute Parachute Skin:

  1. Log into your Free Fire MAX account during the event’s active period.
  2. Engage in the specified tasks within the allocated time frame. Whether it’s playing for the required durations or teaming up with friends, every action contributes to your progress.
  3. Head to the event section within the game interface. To access this, click on the calendar icon situated on the left side of the screen.
  4. Within the horizontal menu, locate and select the ‘Team Up Challenge’ tab, subsequently navigating to the ‘Easier With Friends’ event.
  5. On the event page, spot the claim button adjacent to the Floral Tribute Parachute skin. Give it a satisfying click to unlock this unique cosmetic and symbol of accomplishment.

Once the Floral Tribute Parachute skin has been successfully claimed, it’s time to showcase your achievement to the world. Head to the vault section of the game to equip and admire your newly acquired treasure.

Tasks Players Need to Complete to Unlock the Floral Tribute Parachute Skin

To secure the rewards available in the ‘Easier With Friends’ event, players need to complete the following easy tasks:

  • Play for 100 Minutes or assist teammates 5 times: 2x SCAR Blood Moon Weapon Loot Crates.
  • Play for 210 Minutes or 8 Games with Friends: Floral Tribute Parachute skin.

As the Easier With Friends event stands as a prelude to the highly anticipated OB41 update, players are urged not to miss out on the opportunity to collect these remarkable rewards. In addition to this event, players can also engage in the Play With Friends and Daily Missions events, opening the doors to more chances of securing enticing prizes. The Play With Friends event presents the possibility of obtaining a free AN94 – Bliss Popper, while the Daily Missions offer Leg Pockets as valuable rewards for the completion of everyday tasks.

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