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BGMI Cheating Allegations: SnehilOP’s Accusation Against Team Mayavi Sparks Controversy – Goldy and Sinha Weigh In

SnehilOP, a content creator known for his analysis on controversial topics, has been actively vocal about combating cheating in the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) community. Following his success in exposing Stalwart Esports for cheating and ringing, SnehilOP has alleged Team Mayavi for cheating. S8UL Esports’ co-owner Lokesh “Goldy” Jain recently appreciated SnehilOP for his efforts in fostering fair gameplay in the community. Additionally, he also shared his thoughts about the allegations on Team Mayavi.

SnehilOP’s Role is Exposing Stalwart Esports

SnehilOP’s relentless efforts against cheating in the BGMI community came to the forefront when he alleged Stalwart Esports’ female roster of cheating and ringing during Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023: The Grind. He performed a thorough analysis of the team’s gameplay and even invited players to chat during his livestream. Subsequently, the players admitted that the allegations made on the team were indeed true. This revelation prompted Krafton’s intervention, leading to the disqualification of Stalwart Esports from the tournament. Stalwart Esports, in an attempt to salvage their position, stated that the slot was transferred to Team Dynamic. However, the team could not change its name due to time constraints, leading to a complex situation with conflicting narratives. 

Emergence of Team Mayavi and Cheating Allegations

The BGMI community once again finds itself in the midst of controversy with the emergence of “Team Mayavi.” Formed by Global Esports’ coach Shubham “Mayavi” Chawla, the team aimed to uplift underdog players and provide them with an opportunity to shine on the competitive stage. However, soon after the team made its debut, allegations of cheating surfaced, throwing the team’s reputation into question. Several content creators accused Team Mayavi of unfair practices, sparking a fierce debate within the community.

SnehilOP’s dedication to ensuring clean gameplay led him to scrutinize Team Mayavi’s gameplay meticulously. After reviewing multiple clips and thoroughly analyzing their performance, SnehilOP publicly alleged that Team Mayavi was involved in cheating. It’s important to note that as of now, there has been no official confirmation from Krafton regarding these allegations.

Goldy’s Support and Call for Accountability

In a recent livestream, viewers asked Goldy, who has a substantial influence within the BGMI community, about his opinion on Team Mayavi’s cheating allegations. Responding to this, he weighed in on the matter. Goldy expressed his appreciation for SnehilOP’s commitment to maintaining the game’s integrity. He also commended SnehilOP for his courage in taking on the responsibility of cleansing the community from unfair practices.

Although Goldy praised SnehilOP for his efforts, he also acknowledged Mayavi’s standing within the community. “Whatever he does, he will think thoroughly and consider everything before doing it. And for the fact that he is so confident, I think he should come out and be more vocal directly on Youtube or other platforms rather than Instagram stories. I believe that you can’t prove your point through Instagram stories,” he added.

Watch SnehilOP’s complete analysis on Team Mayavi’s gameplay and Goldy’s statements:

Global Esports’ CEO Addresses the Allegations

Global Esports’ CEO Rushindra Sinha took to Instagram stories to address the accusations against Team Mayavi. Sinha stated that the team is under their close scrutiny. He highlighted that the devices used by the players are provided by the organization, and all necessary proof and information have been submitted to both Krafton and the tournament organizers (TOs). He added that the team has been granted clearance from all parties involved. However, SInha issued a stern warning that if any instance of unfair play is found, the players will “permanently and irreversibly be both terminated and banned.”

Sinha noted that the rush to judgment can have detrimental effects on the young players who are at the heart of the allegations. He reminded the community that these players are the subject of baseless accusations that could have lasting impacts on their budding careers. 

Mentioning the principle “innocent until proven guilty,” Sinha highlighted similar accusations faced by Global Esports’ former roster, which later turned out to be untrue. He added that if anyone is found guilty, appropriate actions will be taken against them. He also requested the community not to harass the players.

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