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When Will Valorant Episode 7 Act 1 Night Market Start?

Valorant, the globally renowned first-person shooter, is once again capturing the attention of its vast player base with the return of the Night Market event in August 2023. This event, eagerly awaited by fans, offers a unique blend of excitement, surprise, and affordability.

The Night Market isn’t just another sales event. It’s a bi-monthly spectacle where players are presented with six distinct weapon skins, each available at a tempting discount ranging from 10% to 49%. The catch? The weapon skins are randomly generated, adding an element of suspense. Players might stumble upon skins from the Select, Deluxe, or Premium Edition tiers, making each visit to the Night Market a thrilling experience.

Upon entering the Night Market, players are greeted with six concealed cards. Clicking on these cards unveils the weapon skins on offer. After assessing the discounted rate, players can acquire their desired skins using the in-game currency, Valorant Points. However, there’s a caveat: only skins released two acts prior to the current event are up for grabs. Notably, Gear Skins, Battle Pass Skins, and Tactical Knife skins priced above 3,550 Valorant Points remain elusive.

When Will the Next Valorant Night Market Start?

The Night Market is slated to commence on 10th August 2023 at 00:00 UTC and will run until 28th August 2023. This window provides ample opportunity for players to dive in and secure their favorite skins.

A plethora of weapon skins from various bundles, including the Select Edition (featuring the likes of Convex, Luxe, and Prism II) and the Deluxe Edition (boasting skins like Abyssal, Altitude, and Sakura), will be available. The Premium Edition isn’t left behind either, with standout skins such as Black Market, Celestial, and Reaver making an appearance. However, Melee Weapon Skins priced at 4350 VP and above won’t be part of the Night Market offerings.

It’s not only about the skins. The creators are dedicated to improving the gameplay. On August 8, 2023, the most recent patch note 7.03 was issued. It brought forth a number of enhancements, including improved muting capabilities and store updates. Players may now navigate directly to their newly obtained sprays from the confirmation page and quickly favorite freshly acquired things after the game.

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