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BGMS Season 2 Grapples with Cheating Possibility

In a surprising turn of events, the ongoing Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2 has been hit by controversy. Concerns arose as Team SouL’s Manager Siddhant “Sid” Joshi revealed that the tournament featured minimal stream delay during Launch Week and the first two days of League Week 1, potentially allowing spectators to relay opponents’ locations to players. 

As of today, Launch Week of the BGMS Season 2 has concluded, transitioning into the League Week 1 phase. The first three days of League Week 1 have witnessed intense battles among top-tier teams vying for dominance. However, recent revelations have cast a shadow over the transparency and integrity of the tournament.

BGMS Season 2 Stream Delay Issue

In a recent vlog by Team SouL’s coach Amit “Amit” Dubey, a concerning issue was brought to light. Sid revealed that both the Launch Week and the first two days of League Week 1 featured minimal stream delay. This minimal delay inadvertently enabled spectators to witness gameplay almost in real-time. This minimal delay potentially allowed spectators to relay opponents’ locations to players during matches.

Sid revealed that while he was unsure if any team or player had engaged in this unfair practice, the possibility existed due to the lack of an adequate delay in the streaming setup. The consequence was that such messages from spectators could go unnoticed by BGMS Season 2 adminis, thereby compromising the competitive integrity of the tournament.

Sid Exemplifies the Severity of the Concern

Sid further disclosed that he had alerted the management about this issue on League Week 1 Day 2. However, his concerns did not make any difference, as the management took no immediate actions to address the issue. To illustrate the severity of the concern, Sid asked one of Team SouL’s players, Sohail “Hector” Shaikh, who was present as a spectator, to send messages to select players during the dry run on the third day.

Allegedly, admins could not detect any of these messages, further highlighting the potential vulnerability. Following this experiment, the management reportedly acknowledged the gravity of the issue and agreed to implement a delay in the streaming process to counteract any potential unfair practices.

After the implementation of the stream delay, the BGMS Season 2 observed a noticeable shift in match dynamics. However, it’s crucial to maintain impartiality and acknowledge that we cannot solely attribute these changes to the stream delay. Similar fluctuations in gameplay dynamics are entirely normal and commonplace occurrences in highly competitive tournaments.

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