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Behind the Scenes of Defense Derby: An Interview with Sinchan Park


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Defense Derby, a new player-versus-player (PvP) game developed by Rising Wings under Krafton, is set to revolutionize the castle defense gaming landscape with its strategic depth. We had the opportunity to interview Sinchan Park, the Production Director of Defense Derby, who shared intriguing insights about the game, further amplifying the anticipation for its worldwide release.

The game is a real-time 4-player battle where players leverage their strategic acumen to gain an advantage. A standout feature of the game is the “scouting” mechanism, which was discussed in detail during the interview.

Following a successful testing phase, Defense Derby has been soft-launched in six countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, and Hong Kong. It supports four languages: English, Malay, Indonesian, and Chinese (traditional).

Interview with Sinchan Park, Production Director of Defense Derby

Here are some highlights from the interview:

When asked about the inspiration behind Defense Derby’s concept and gameplay mechanics, Park explained that the thrill of PvP games lies in the unique stories and gameplay scenarios that unfold with each match. However, he acknowledged the stress that can arise from losing, especially when the loss is due to a player’s skill gap. To mitigate this, Defense Derby emphasizes mind games and strategic bidding in 4-player PvP battles, rather than focusing on game controls.

Park also elaborated on the league system, which is designed to foster fair competition. Players are matched with others who have similar Derby Points and growth levels. The league operates on a season-based system, with players’ leagues reassigned based on their final ranking at the end of each season. Advancing to the next league comes with various benefits, including a Castle Skin that symbolizes the player’s league.

In Blitz Mode, the game’s main PvE content, the difficulty is designed to encourage players to use a wide variety of unit combinations. The difficulty level is continuously adjusted based on data from the early access test.

The unit scouting system is a core aspect of Defense Derby’s gameplay. Players must anticipate their opponents’ needs and bid the appropriate amount of Derby Chips to obtain the units they want. The player who bids the most chips gets the unit, but bonus chips are awarded based on scouting ranking, so strategic bidding is crucial.

The card growth system allows players to upgrade or level up their cards, enhancing the unit’s attack power and special abilities. The growth status of each player is reflected in the unit presented as a scout in battle. The team is working hard to ensure fair matchmaking based on players’ skill levels and growth status.

The league ranking in Defense Derby is determined by the Derby Points earned through the main PvP mode, Derby Mode. Each season is renewed monthly, with in-game currency rewards based on the previous season’s ranking. A special league is planned for top-tier players, offering various rewards like skins for expressing uniqueness.

What sets Defense Derby apart from other tower defense strategy games is its unique scouting system. Players can disrupt opponents’ strategies by scouting units through bidding, and devise their own unit strategy. The game combines elements of defense, strategy, and battle royale, with the last player standing as the winner.

Defense Derby’s unique features and strategic depth could potentially disrupt the PvP game market upon its global launch.

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