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All Upcoming Genshin Impact Fontaine Characters

As an avid Genshin Impact player, you’re probably eagerly awaiting the release of version 4.0, which promises to introduce a new region, Fontaine, along with a host of new characters. This article will provide a detailed overview of these upcoming characters, offering insights into their abilities, lore, and potential roles in the game.

1. Arlecchino: The Harbinger of Joy

Arlecchino, a highly anticipated character, is set to make her debut in the Fontaine region. Rumored to be a five-star sword unit with a Pyro delusion, she’s the 10th Fatui harbinger and is believed to be stronger than Childe, the weakest Harbinger. Her abilities are speculated to revolve around controlling other characters, but we’ll have to wait for the official release to confirm this.

2. Lyney: The Pyro Archer

Lyney, another exciting character, first appeared in the Teyvat Chapter storyline preview video. He’s a five-star character with a Pyro vision and uses a bow. According to the lore, he and his sister Lynette run a magic show in Fontaine, and they may have some connection with Arlecchino.

3. Lynette: The Anemo Swordswoman

Lynette, Lyney’s sister, is an upcoming four-star sword-wielding character with an Anemo vision. Her abilities seem to be similar to Yelan’s, and she might be a good alternative to Kazuha for dealing swirl damage.

4. Freminet: The Cryo Claymore User

Freminet, a Cryo male character who wields a Claymore, is expected to be a physical DPS character. His design aligns well with the Fontaine aesthetic, and he might be a great addition for players who missed out on Eula.

5. Focalors/Furina: The Hydro Archon

Focalors, the Hydro Archon, is expected to be one of the most lethal units in the game. She might be an off-field DPS or a supporting character, buffing your party. She was first introduced in the trailer “The final feast.”

6. Neuvilette: The Chief Justice

Neuvilette, the chief justice of Fontaine and the President of the Supreme Court, is rumored to be a five-star Hydro character. His weapon of choice is still unknown, but it’s speculated to be a sword or claymore.

7. Charolette: The Cryo Catalyst User

Charolette, a journalist from Fontaine, is a four-star character who wields a Catalyst and a Cryo vision. She may play a significant role in the story quest in Fontaine.

8. Waghild: The Chibi Nurse

Waghild, described as a Chibi nurse in leaks, is speculated to be a healer. Her rarity and vision are still unknown, but her design suggests she might be a four-star character.

9. Chlorinde (Captain R): The Electro Gunner

Chlorinde, from Monsdstadt, is expected to be a five-star character. She wields a gun that shoots electro pellets, as seen in the Fontaine trailer teaser.

10. Navia: The Geo Navy

Navia, associated with the navy, is expected to be a Geo character. Her playability and weapon are still unknown.

11. Other Characters

Several other characters have been leaked, but information about them is still scarce. These include Prison Girl (M), Wriothesley, Sertice, Chiori, Skirk, Mummy Girl, Dahlia, and Lion Dance.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to explore the world of Genshin Impact and its ever-evolving roster of characters.

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