Riot Games to Redevelop VALORANT Mobile From Scratch; Tencent Pulls Out

valorant mobile

In a dramatic twist, Tencent Games, a global powerhouse in the video game industry, has reportedly halted the development of the eagerly awaited VALORANT Mobile. This unexpected move has sent shockwaves throughout the gaming world, given Tencent Games’ prominent role in the mobile gaming sector.

Riot Games, the original masterminds behind the VALORANT franchise, will now assume control of the mobile game’s development. The company plans to start anew, re-envisioning the game under the expert supervision of their Los Angeles team. This significant change in the development strategy for the mobile iteration of the popular first-person shooter game signals a new era.

The news first surfaced via a tweet from a Twitter user known as @SargeOP_ a reliable source of insider gaming industry information. The tweet rapidly gained momentum, sparking widespread speculation and debate among fans and industry experts.

Riot Games’ decision to rebuild VALORANT Mobile in tandem with the console version demonstrates a commitment to delivering a uniform and superior gaming experience across all platforms. This bold move highlights the company’s unwavering dedication to its player base and its confidence in VALORANT’s potential as a cross-platform franchise.

At this point, Riot Games has not disclosed any official statements regarding the development timeline or the anticipated release date for the revamped VALORANT Mobile. The gaming community is on tenterhooks, eagerly awaiting further details and hoping for a smooth and immersive mobile gaming experience that matches the high standards set by the original VALORANT game.

This development ushers in a fresh chapter in the narrative of VALORANT Mobile. With Riot Games at the helm, the gaming community is keen to see how the game will evolve and how it will influence the future of mobile gaming.

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