Snax shares his plans to return to BGMI esports

Raj ‘Snax’ Verma is a very popular and prominent BGMI player from India and has earnt a name to have one of the most crisps aims in the entire community.

He quit playing BGMI ever since the game was banned in India but now, he plans for his return to the game that led the way to his career.

Snax moved on to become a full-time content creator on YouTube after the ban of BGMI. He had a way of providing some unique entertainment to his viewers such that his subscriber count reached to more than 1.5 million in a very short span.

He is often seen playing Valorant and nowadays, it is not uncommon to see him play BGMI as well. In one of his recent streams, Snax revealed that he will be returning to BGMI esports but this comeback will not be anytime soon.

Snax will be taking it slow before returning to the BGMI esports again. He has stated that his comeback could be seen anytime around September 2023.

This duration will be close to the first official BGMI tournament, rumours and hype of which has already started to spread in the community.

There is one peculiar thing to note that Snax might be taking a break soon after his return as Snax has shared his medical problem and need to undergo a scheduled surgery by this year end.

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