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Counter-Strike 2 August 3 Update Fixes Major Bugs on Anubis and Ancient Maps

Get ready for an incredible summer as Counter-Strike 2 prepares to take centre stage! As the official release date approaches, the game’s closed beta is continuously getting improvements that make it even better. As more users are gradually asked to participate, this restricted beta has served as an essential testing ground, allowing more players to contribute.

On August 3, Valve issued a brief update for the CS2 Limited Test. The update includes a number of bug fixes and adjustments on the newly introduced Anubis and Ancient maps.

Counter-Strike 2 August 23 Update Patch Notes

[ MAPS ]

  • Anubis
    • Improved movement clipping map-wide
    • Adjustments to collision around pillars
    • Plugged holes in world geometry
    • Fixed issues with weapon and bomb clipping through world geometry
  • Ancient
    • Improved water clarity at T spawn
    • Adjustments to jumpable locations
    • Adjustments to collision around corners
    • Various adjustments to lighting

[ MISC ]

  • Fixed an issue with round restart in the middle of weapon reloading
  • Fixed a case where incendiary grenades fail to detonate in water
  • Ragdoll limbs splash when they hit water

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Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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