F1 2023 Game Fixes All the Gripes of Last Year: Reviewed!

f1 2023 reviewed

The 16th installment of Codemaster’s F1 franchise is finally here, and F1 2023 has taken a giant leap forward from its predecessor. Last year’s Formula 1 game failed to meet expectations, but this time around, players are in for a treat.

How does F1 2023 look?

One of the first noticeable improvements in F1 2023 is its visual appeal. While the menus and fonts have undergone minor revisions, the overall interface remains familiar and easy to navigate. The developers have significantly toned down the cartoonish saturation that plagued the previous edition, resulting in a more realistic color palette. The on-track experience feels immersive, with enhanced visuals capturing the true essence of Formula 1 racing. The cars now kick up dirt and smoke as they navigate different parts of the track, adding to the authenticity of the gameplay. Additionally, the draw distance has been improved, making it easier to spot cars in the distance, intensifying the thrill of the chase.

What’s new in F1 2023?

Captivating Audio Design

The game’s audio design has also received notable enhancements. Each engine note, whether it’s the Mercedes, Honda, Renault, or Ferrari power units, possesses a distinctive and pleasing sound signature. Driving through the iconic Monaco tunnel becomes an auditory delight as the engine noise bounces off the walls. These audio improvements contribute to the overall immersive experience of F1 2023.

Enhanced Gameplay Structure

F1 2023 retains a familiar structure, making it easy for regular players to navigate. The main menu offers various modes, including Career Mode, Braking Point, and the central hub known as ‘F1 World’ for both single and multiplayer gameplay. The selection includes the classic modes such as single Grand Prix, Time Trial, and Online Multiplayer. While the structure may not be revolutionary, it remains effective and user-friendly.

Introducing Braking Point and New Circuits

One of the exciting additions to F1 2023 is the return of Braking Point, a storyline mode that allows players to take on the role of Aiden Jackson, the hero racing for the new team, Konnersport. Players must navigate the ups and downs of the team’s inaugural season, facing off against the antagonistic Devon Butler. While creating an immersive story mode within a racing game can be challenging, Braking Point offers an interesting narrative where players must endure the drama and challenges of Formula 1 racing.

In terms of circuits, F1 2023 introduces the Qatar and Las Vegas Grands Prix. While Las Vegas is a forgettable street circuit, the Lusail circuit steals the show with its meticulous recreation. The developers utilized thousands of reference photos and photo data to create an accurate 3D model of the Lusail circuit. These new circuits provide unique challenges and add to the variety of racing experiences.

F1 2023 addresses one of the major criticisms of its predecessor by significantly improving the AI system. The relentless and unrealistic aggression displayed by AI drivers in the previous game has been refined. Drivers now race more realistically and yield in positions where it would be expected. After numerous hours of gameplay against AI opponents, frustrations with their racing behavior were virtually nonexistent.

However, the most impressive aspect of F1 2023 lies in the handling of the cars. Unlike its predecessor, this game offers a far more realistic driving model. Codemasters actively sought feedback from real Formula 1 teams and drivers, consulting with Anthony Davidson to refine the physics. The result is a game that provides a realistic level of grip, allowing players to push the cars to their limits.

The ridiculous traction issues that plagued F1 2022 have been rectified, and players can now be more aggressive with the throttle without spinning out of control. Rainy weather adds an extra layer of joy, as the improved physics ensure better grip, making the driving experience more enjoyable. Additionally, the game’s controls have been optimized for both wheel and controller users, with the introduction of Precision Drive for pad players, allowing for greater control and precision.

F1 2023 is a remarkable evolution of the franchise, addressing the flaws of its predecessor while introducing captivating new features. With enhanced graphics, immersive gameplay, refined AI, and realistic physics, it offers a truly enjoyable and authentic Formula 1 experience. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual gamer, F1 2023 is undoubtedly a must-play for racing enthusiasts. So buckle up, get ready to race, and prepare to be blown away by the next level of Formula 1 gaming.

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