PUBG Mobile collaborates with Lionel Messi

PUBG Mobile has just announced one of their biggest collaborations involving celebrities and this time, the football legend himself is coming to the game. PUBG Mobile is collaborating with Leonel Messi and here is everything you need to know.

Leonel Messi needs to introduction as he is one of the best athlete to ever touch soccer. In a recent Instagram post, PUBG Mobile revealed that they are collaborating with Leonel Messi.


This collaboration was already anticipated by many players in the community as updates related to this were already seen in the beta version. The official post also mentions that a lot of in-game content is lined up in November related to this update.

As per multiple leaks, a ton of new content will be coming to PUBG Mobile with soccer themed lobbies, in-game modes and other such content. There are also some interesting features added to the game.

Players can get special shoes that has an active ability to help them run multiple times faster in the special mode. Another such leak shows that players can turn into football at a special arena in the new mode.

There are also some other additions such as a green flare gun which calls a football shaped air drop. It has special equipment as seen in normal air drops in PUBG Mobile. These are some of the leaks and players can expect a similar content in the next update. Collaborating with Messi is a huge achievement for PUBG Mobile and a reward for their fans.