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Friday, August 11, 2023

Ganesh Jadhav

Valorant: Xeta departs C9B; joins T1

Last night after the inaugural match of the season for Cloud9 Blue, it was announced that Son “Xeta” Seon-he with head coach Yoon “Autumn”...


New Valorant Bundle ‘Daydreams’ Leaked: All Skins, Price, Release Date & More

With the Champions 2023 bundle just hitting the Valorant...

How to Whisper in Valorant?

In the intensely competitive world of VALORANT, a well-executed...

How to Dodge in Valorant?

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How to Get Wasps in Fortnite?

If you are ready to take on a unique...

NYPD Seeks Help Looking For Suspects of Kai Cenat Giveaway Riot

NYPD tasked with finding the instigators of the Riot seeks help to isolate suspects.